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Sunday’s are my ‘grocery shopping list’ days. After I put Jay to sleep I plan out my meals for the week and write a shopping list accordingly. If I’m feeling too tired to physically go shopping I’ll usually do my online grocery shopping on Sunday as well after I’ve written my list & have them delivered on Monday or I’ll do ‘click&collect’ otherwise When Monday comes around I’ll go & get my grocery shopping done. With that being said, Monday is when my kitchen bench becomes crazy with fridge items! The fridge gets a good clean out & is restocked with all of our weekly yum yums! Keep reading to see what I do to keep my fridge organised/’ easy-to-use’.

• Wash/clean all fruits & veggies & store them in air tight containers – this makes it so much easier to just grab and eat and helps promote fruit & veggie eating (especially for kiddies in the house)

• Keep all clean salad Greens in Tupperware airtight containers to help keep them fresh for longer

• If your bulky juice/drink bottles are taking up too much room in your fridge and you only have a small amount of liquid in them transfer them to smaller jars/bottles to save space (I also do this with pickled veggies & olives)

• I love to harvest small amounts of herbs from the garden and keep them in jars with water in the fridge to use to incorporate in my dishes or to garnish

• I keep all of Jay’s yoghurts in an acrylic fridge organiser from Kmart to make it easier to pull out and choose the flavour rather than rummaging through the fridge shelves/drawers (I also do this with all types of cheese)

• I use clear glass storage containers to store fridge items as I like to open the fridge and have everything visible (this helps ensure nothing goes rotten by forgetting them crammed somewhere at the back) & also makes everything looks more appetising – my clear glass containers are from Kmart

• To deep clean my fridge once a month I empty out the entire fridge & wipe down the shelves/drawers with paper towel & my favourite Eco Friendly Kitchen cleaning products from @thecleancollective. I also place a small bowl of rose water or baking soda with a few drops of lemon or orange essential oils at the back of the fridge to keep the fridge smelling fresh.

Hope you all enjoyed my ‘fridge organisation’ tips! Don’t forget what works for my family may differ for you – use my tips as a guide & use them in a way that’s practical in your household.

Feel free to check out my IGTV or YouTube videos on fridge organisation:



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