Hospital Bag Checklist

During my first pregnancy I felt like I needed to pack my entire home into my bag in order to make it through my hospital stay however after birth and coming back home I realised how much in my bag I didn’t even end up using! Second time around I decided to be more organised and create a checklist based on the things that I actually did use – I shared this list online & it went viral! Thousands upon thousands of you downloaded & used this list & the feedback was amazing! Now that we are expecting baby #3 I’ve decided to make available a revised version of the checklist for you all to download & take advantage of.

Feel free to use my list as a guide. Print it out and check off the items as you pack them! Hopefully this will help you to feel a little more organised throughout your final few weeks of pregnancy.

There may be items on my checklist which I haven’t included that you may want to pack like for example: a toy from your baby to your older children however in my case these extra items will be brought to the hospital by hubby when needed. Remember to add your own ‘comfort’ items to your list. You may want to include things like a nursing pillow, a portable mini fan etc…

Below is a preview of the checklist, feel free to screenshot it however if you intend to print it you’ll need to CLICK HERE to download the high quality version.

I Hope this Hospital Bag Checklist can make your packing task a little easier & much more organised! Remember to leave your feedback below or even contact me on Instagram (@sara_why) if you think i’ve forgotten something important!

Don’t forget to CLICK HERE to print this checklist!



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