How To KEEP Your Home Organised

Organising your home is one of the most important things you should do in order to live a ‘stress-free’ life! Trust me once everything in your home is organised immediately tidying up becomes so much easier & takes almost half the time It would if your home isn’t ‘organised’.

What does having an ‘organised’ home mean? Let’s keep it simple! I’m not about to go all ‘Marie Kondo’ on you but I will advice you to Live by this motto:

‘Everything in your home should have a home’ – this is something my mother taught me as a child & I still live by it & have implemented it in my very own home.

Once you make a home for something make sure that when it’s used it goes back to its ‘home’. This will ensure it doesn’t end up being stashed somewhere & then turn into ‘clutter’. Teach the kids the same thing. When you use something it MUST go back to where it belongs!


• toys go back to their allocated bins/baskets (seperate toys in categories eg: cars, dolls, legos, blocks, stuffed animals, play kitchen items, play dough etc)

• food scraps & wrappings belong in the bin

• dirty clothes belong in the hamper/laundry

• stationery belongs in the office drawers or stationery bin

• books belong in the bookshelf

• towels & bed linen belong in the linen cupboard

• kitchen utensils belong in the kitchen drawer (don’t just leave that long wooden spoon in the lounge room after you’ve used it to pull something from under the couch – I see you!)

• clean washing gets folded and packed in their allocated cupboards

So on & so forth.

This is the basic method of being ‘tidy’ & staying organised. Keep in mind that you may have an even further organisational practice in place. For eg:

• you don’t just return the books to the bookshelf, the books must be placed in order/categories (kids books together, cooking books together etc).

• you don’t just stuff the bed linen & towels in the linen cupboard, the bed linen gets organised by ‘room’ eg: the master bedroom has its own shelf/basket and pillow cases are put in seperate piles to the quilt covers, throws, decorative cushion covers etc. Towels are organised by size, hand towels go together, bath towels go together, guest bathroom towels go together etc

• you don’t just throw the stationary in the stationary drawer – use the divider to seperate pencils, sharpies, erasers, whiteboard markers, chalk, colouring pencils, crayons etc.

• you don’t just stuff clean & folded clothing into random piles in the wardrobe – stack them/ hang them in their correct piles/with like items! Eg: leggings go together, t-shirts go together, jumpers go together etc.

These are just a few examples of the overall ‘method’ that I use to stay organised. Trust me by following this rule of ‘putting everything back in its home immediately’ you will be cutting down ‘tidy up’ time in half! Don’t forget to get the kids involved and ensure when they use something it goes back to its ‘home’ immediately once they’re done playing with it/using it. You’ll thank me later!

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Happy organising!


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