Baby Essentials Checklist

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Jay (my first) I was so excited to start shopping but had absolutely no clue where to start!

I did what almost every first-time mum would do and started asking family and friends for ‘essentials’. My first question was always ‘So, what are the most important things to buy’? my answers were always different because I eventually figured everyone’s idea of ‘essentials’ are different. Some people swore by using a breast pump while others said they literally never used it.

So, I decided to compile all of my research along with of course my very own findings and experiences after having my first and second babies into the ultimate ‘Baby Essentials Checklist’. I’ve tried to include literally EVERYTHING you 100% need and may need. This list focuses on the first 3 months of babies journey.

Feel free to use my list as a guide. Print it out and check off the items as you buy them! Hopefully this will help you to feel a little more organised throughout your pregnancy journey!

Also, don’t forget to tag me when you share this list with anyone online! I love seeing my checklists getting shared around and used by mama-to-BE’s.

Below is a preview of the checklist, saving this preview for printing won’t give you the best quality. To print the high quality Checklist CLICK HERE!

Sara Youssef - Baby Essentials Checklist-1


I Hope this Hospital Bag Checklist can make your task a little easier & much more organised! Remember to leave your feedback below or even contact me on Instagram (@sara_why)

Don’t forget to CLICK HERE! to PRINT the check-list!



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