Picnic Essentials Checklist

You know what the warmer seasons call for, right? Well, picnics ofcourse!


im an all year round picnic kind of girl but it’s a no brainer that Spring/Summer picnics are my fave. Whether its by the beach, in an open field with the kids running around, in the backyard or in the countryside – there’s no place I wouldn’t host an epic picnic.


With all that being said, I’ve compiled the ultimate ‘Picnic Essentials Checklist’! I’ve included everything I could think of from my picnic experiences. Whether its an intimate picnic with just you & your loved one or a huge family picnic, I’ve included the ‘must-haves’ & ‘optionals’!

Feel free to use my checklist as a guide. Print it out & check-off or simply read over it on your phone as you pack the items for your epic picnic! Hopefully this will help you to feel a little more organised!

Below is a preview of the checklist, saving this preview for printing won’t give you the best quality. To print the high quality Checklist CLICK HERE!

Sara Youssef - Picnic Essentials Checklist-page-001

I Hope this Checklist can make your task a little easier & much more organised! Don’t forget to tag me when you use or share this list with anyone online! I love seeing my checklists getting shared around and in use! Remember to leave your feedback below or even contact me on Instagram (@sara_why)

Don’t forget to CLICK HERE! to PRINT the check-list!



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