Recipe | Spinach, Ricotta & Feta Turnovers

YUM! So simple & OH so delicious. I asked Sam what he felt like for dinner the other day & he literally just said ‘spinach triangles’ & that’s it! I took that on board & instead of chucking store bought ones into the oven that literally have a dot of filling I decided to whip up my own from the top of my head

I could make these on repeat every single day! Perfect as a side dish, afternoon lunch, or like us… an entire dinner! 🧀 so here’s the recipe:

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the simplicity of this recipe – don’t forget to share your photos with me on Instagram! xx

Picnic Essentials Checklist

You know what the warmer seasons call for, right? Well, picnics ofcourse!


im an all year round picnic kind of girl but it’s a no brainer that Spring/Summer picnics are my fave. Whether its by the beach, in an open field with the kids running around, in the backyard or in the countryside – there’s no place I wouldn’t host an epic picnic.


With all that being said, I’ve compiled the ultimate ‘Picnic Essentials Checklist’! I’ve included everything I could think of from my picnic experiences. Whether its an intimate picnic with just you & your loved one or a huge family picnic, I’ve included the ‘must-haves’ & ‘optionals’!

Feel free to use my checklist as a guide. Print it out & check-off or simply read over it on your phone as you pack the items for your epic picnic! Hopefully this will help you to feel a little more organised!

Below is a preview of the checklist, saving this preview for printing won’t give you the best quality. To print the high quality Checklist CLICK HERE!

Sara Youssef - Picnic Essentials Checklist-page-001

I Hope this Checklist can make your task a little easier & much more organised! Don’t forget to tag me when you use or share this list with anyone online! I love seeing my checklists getting shared around and in use! Remember to leave your feedback below or even contact me on Instagram (@sara_why)

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Baby Essentials Checklist

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Jay (my first) I was so excited to start shopping but had absolutely no clue where to start!

I did what almost every first-time mum would do and started asking family and friends for ‘essentials’. My first question was always ‘So, what are the most important things to buy’? my answers were always different because I eventually figured everyone’s idea of ‘essentials’ are different. Some people swore by using a breast pump while others said they literally never used it.

So, I decided to compile all of my research along with of course my very own findings and experiences after having my first and second babies into the ultimate ‘Baby Essentials Checklist’. I’ve tried to include literally EVERYTHING you 100% need and may need. This list focuses on the first 3 months of babies journey.

Feel free to use my list as a guide. Print it out and check off the items as you buy them! Hopefully this will help you to feel a little more organised throughout your pregnancy journey!

Also, don’t forget to tag me when you share this list with anyone online! I love seeing my checklists getting shared around and used by mama-to-BE’s.

Below is a preview of the checklist, saving this preview for printing won’t give you the best quality. To print the high quality Checklist CLICK HERE!

Sara Youssef - Baby Essentials Checklist-1


I Hope this Hospital Bag Checklist can make your task a little easier & much more organised! Remember to leave your feedback below or even contact me on Instagram (@sara_why)

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Keeping a Clean Kitchen while you cook

I always get asked this during my cook-with-me vlogs: ‘how do you keep your kitchen clean while cooking?’ Keep reading for my top tips! (Warning: grab a cup of tea, it’s a lengthly one)

Without bragging (or am I 🤪) I like to consider myself a pretty clean cook. Growing up watching my mum cook (literally everyday) she would always say ‘clean as you cook’. So here are my tip tips to keep the kitchen clean while you cook.

• Don’t let the dishes pile, wash the utensils, pots & pans as you use them & instead of taking new utensils out of the drawers use the ones you just washed on the dish rack – this will limit the amount of dishes you use during meal prep.

• pack the dishes as soon as they dry before you place wet dishes over them again.

• I won’t lie though, when I’m making larger or more complicated meals the dishwasher is my best friend! I still use the same concept of doing the dishes as I go. Rinse the dishes and place them in the dishwasher right away rather than have them pile up in the sink & all the food drying up on the dish (which takes twice as long to clean).

• Another tip which I ALWAYS use is to keep a plastic bag (or bowl) for food scraps nearby as you’re cooking & another for rubbish. Once the meal prep stage is done all the food scraps go either to the rabbit or used as compost in our garden & The rubbish bag goes straight to the bin! This prevents having dirty and/or dripping hands traveling back and forth to the bin causing a mess on your kitchen floor!

• pack each ingredient as you use it eg: if you’re done with the milk put it back before moving on to the next part of your dish.

• once you’ve finished putting your dish together & it’s either simmering on the stove or baking away in the oven use that time to clear your dish rack, wipe down the countertops, sweep your floor, & give it a quick mop. Trust me this will save so much time later.

Hope you all enjoyed those few tips. Trust me, it works & cuts down your ‘standing in the kitchen’ time by HALF!

Oh, and I can’t forgot about turning on my diffuser to completely get rid of the food smell throughout the house. Unless ofcourse I’ve used some delicious herbs throughout my dish and the house smells amazing already! 🍋

Happy cooking (& cleaning) my loves. 🌿

How To Organise Successfuly

Ok, so you may have already read my ‘How to KEEP your home organised’ post but here I will be outlining how to initially get organised. Im always receiving questions on how I go about starting and completing an organisation project wether it’s my pantry, fridge, storage room, kids’ toys, wardrobe, cupboard – Especially when ‘storage solutions’ need to be put in place or new ‘storage containers/accessories’ need to be purchased. A questions I receive often is ‘so, how do I know how many storage tubs to buy, or how many jars to buy etc’… well here is your answer.

Firstly start off by a keeping a handy dandy notepad nearby (lol, you see what I did there😂) – I’m all about using LISTS and I believe they truly keep anxiety at bay. So where was I… YES keep a list nearby & then follow these steps. Your initial list should include all the places in your home you wish to tackle. Let’s pretend your list looks like this:

The reason why I say to begin with a list is because it motivates you to get started! Keep this list on the fridge to keep you reminded! So let’s start checking off this list to help us feel a sense of accomplishment. Starting with the Pantry! Keep in mind, all of the tips I’m about to provide should be applied to all of the projects to wish to tackle, however for the purpose of this post I’ll be using a pantry as the prime example.

Follow these steps:

1. DECLUTTER – this is so so important! Remove the contents from each shelf and one by one go through each item. Make piles including: donate, toss, recycle & keep. Consider the following things:

• expiry dates

• bulky/unnecessary packaging (sometimes you’ll have 4 weetbix left in the box, use ziplock bags to store them and toss the box in the recycle pile)

Once you have done this with every shelf and have your piles go to the next step.

2. CLEAN – wipe down all the shelves (make sure to use an eco friendly spray especially in the pantry where food will be stored)

3. CATEGORISE – you now want to go through your entire ‘keep’ pile and put them into categories. Eg: for the pantry you’ll have categories like ‘snacks, drinks, sauces, rice’ etc..

4. STORAGE – now that you’ve made your piles of categories you will know how many storage tubs/containers/baskets you’ll need. You may choose to get a big basket for all snacks, a bottle rack for your drinks, Jars for your spices, jars for your flour, breadcrumbs & all your dry pantry goods.. look through your categorised piles and see what you’ll need to store each category. Write these things down on a ‘to-buy’ list. Then take a photo of your piles! Now that you have an idea of what you need to buy you won’t go shopping with no clue rather you’ll have a list to work with! You could also refer to your photo to see how big each category is to determine the sizes of the storage items you’ll need. This will help to ensure you don’t over purchase and ultimately end up spending much more money than necessary!

5. ORGANISE – now that you have all of your goods decluttered, cleaned & categorised begin placing your items into allocated tubs/baskets/containers. Place your frequently used items on easily accessible shelves.

6. LABEL – this step is optional however let’s admit, labels make everything look pretty and that extra bit more organised! Once everything has been organised You’ll be able to see which labels you’ll need made up. Again write a list of labels for your jars & storage containers!

I really hope these 6 steps have helped to get an idea of how to go about organising! Feel free to refer to my ‘organisation’ tab on my blog for ideas on organising the pantry, fridge etc & another blogpost on how to KEEP your home organised!

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